CISCO Live 2020!

In this webinar Neil Cornwell from KLARITY describes the solution to one of the great challenges of Network Monitoring...the lack of network intelligence in any new monitoring system.

One of the greatest challenges for any IT organisation is that the incumbent monitoring system, despite all of its flaws (where do I start), has a level of network intelligence that has been configured into it by you and your team over many years.

Your monitoring systems are like organisms that grow with you and your organisation based on your daily break/fix/investigation challenges. We as Network Engineers learn from the issues that occur on our network and if maintained properly, our monitoring system also learns from these experiences.

So, what happens when you migrate from one monitoring system to the next?

  • hopefully your new product of choice has more 'out of the box' intelligence than your legacy system;
  • how do we transfer the knowledge from our legacy product to our new one?
  • what if the resource that configured the intelligence into the legacy product is no longer around?
  • Are we starting from scratch and we have to build intelligence into the new product based on our experiences from today moving forward?


KLARITY's services, leverage the latest in network monitoring with a global knowledge base of network engineers to deliver 'out of the box' Pro-Active Network Monitoring Intelligence, both now and into the future. To find out how, we welcome you to join us on one of the below webinars.


Monday 22nd June at 2:00pm EDT

Wednesday 24th June at 2:00pm EDT


Thursday 25th June at 11:00am AEST

If you are interested in KLARITY's Network Monitoring Intelligence and you are outside of these regions, then please email [email protected]